Meet Simon

Experienced Practitioner in Mental Health & General Well-being, Drugs & Alcohol. 

My Background....

I have worked in the fields of Health & Well Being, Criminal Justice, Substance Use and Public Health for 28 years. 

Mental health issues affect tens of thousands of people each year. CanDid strives to advocate prevention, by providing employees and employers with the skills to recognise in themselves or others, the signs, symptoms and related negative coping strategies.


I have always been passionate about improving the well-being of those I have worked with and for, both in and out of the workplace.


Why CanDid?

Almost one in four people experiences a mental health condition at some point throughout their lives. The causes of any condition and the resulting challenges can be difficult to understand. Mental health illnesses and the related negative coping strategies will often be hidden until they are not able to be managed by an individual.


Being able to recognise some of the signs, having suitable processes and procedures in place in the workplace to both support the individual and other colleagues is vital to minimise any impact on a company and achieve the best outcome for all. Often mental health and substance use are intrinsically linked and understanding how to manage these issues and support any individual within the workplace can be a challenge.

CanDid Solutions offers bespoke and individually designed training to both inform and support employers and employees on how to minimise and manage low level mental health issues that affect their overall well-being and impact on the workplace. Offering insights into strategies to improve individual’s resilience, challenging ambivalence and using motivational interviewing techniques is key.

CanDid Solutions also offer regular 1:1 guidance and support directly to Human Resource staff, Mental Health First Aiders, Directors, Managers and teams of staff.

CanDid Solutions, looking after you, looking after your people.