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Almost one in four people experiences a mental health condition at some point throughout their lives. The causes of any condition and the resulting challenges can be difficult to understand. Mental health illnesses and the negative coping strategies people turn to, will often be hidden until they are not able to be managed by the individual.

Being able to recognise some of the signs, having suitable processes and procedures in place in the workplace to both support the individual and other colleagues is vital to minimise any impact on a company and achieve the best outcome for all.

CanDid Solutions offers bespoke and individually designed training to both inform and support employers and employees on how to minimise and manage low level mental health issues in the workplace.

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Thank you to Simon Haydon for the 'Wellbeing' training, which was extremely thought-provoking. Will definitely be recommending him.

Racheal Pickford, Director -

RP Business Support Solutions Ltd

I wish you the best for the future and thank you for your support over the last 12 months.

Detective Chief Inspector  -

West Mercia Police

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Open Access Government Publication

Wed, 2nd Oct 2019

'Workplace Mental Health

Still Misunderstood'

"…..More worryingly though is the way mental health is still viewed and treated in the workplace.....95% of people calling into work with stress will give a different reason and 49% of workers don’t feel comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace.


Managers are nervous about doing or saying the wrong thing when someone talks about mental health and more needs to be done to give them the confidence to manage that conversation. It’s crucial that we train our managers to give them the skills to support and empathise with those who are experiencing mental health issues, which in turn will encourage people to talk out...."